Mobile Saunas

Elevate your gathering with wood-fired warmth.
It is our pleasure to offer the first mobile sauna service in Eugene, Oregon.
Bringing the warmth, peace, and health of sauna culture to the PNW—mobile style!

Serving the Willamette Valley and beyond, we offer sauna rentals, consultations, and custom sauna builds.
We are VERY enthusiastic about collaborations and partnerships with other like-minded businesses!

Please explore the site for more info and contact us with any further questions.

The Third Space

"The re-emergence of social saunas and bathhouses addresses several pressing issues: the loneliness and mental health crisis, the quest of younger generations for alcohol-free, healthier social experiences, and the need for affordable, accessible wellness options. These new 'third spaces' like Finnish saunas offer a healthy and safe environment for connecting with like-minded individuals."

Titta Pervis -


We host sauna-centric community gatherings!

Sauna Rentals

We do custom event rentals!


We build custom saunas!


Want to build your own sauna?
Simplify your process and avoid critical mistakes.